“The rythm section containing not only US drummer Paul Wertico but the flamboyant Xavier Desandre-Navarre on percussion, too. Navarre, yelling encouraging cries of ” yepa ” while covering everything from bongos to African thumb piano… “

Jack Massarik, Evening Standard (England, London)

“It was an evening where the entire spectrum of emotions were activated, from the calm depth of Doky’s solo piano ballad, to the intense moods in the songs with the beautiful singer Thanh Lam, to the ultra catching efforts of the rhythm section. It was especially to the American drummer Paul Wertico’s and French percussionist Xavier Desandre-Navarre’s merit, that the concert was such a success, because they really made Dokys beautiful and well-arranged melodies come alive, to the point where the roof nearly blew off the venue !”

Fyns Stiftidende (Denmark)

“The French drummer Xavier Desandre Navarre completes the trio with his roots in Jazz, Classical and World Music. He has played with Charlie Haden, Cheb Mami, Gil Evans, Many Dibango, and is a welcome guest on the Scandinavian jazz scene. So he was also a member of the JazzBaltica Ensemble 2004, directed by Lars Danielsson, and in which Leszek Mozder played piano. After such meetings, musicians usually leave each other with the vague promise “we’ve got to play together one of these days”. That these three musicians, who share a love of melody as well as an unorthodox way of playing their instruments, have really come together as a trio has got to be more than just luck.